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A British woman who felt a bump while driving only discovered the next morning that a buzzard was trapped in the front grille of her car.

The RSPCA said a Harrogate, England, woman contacted the organization and said she discovered the buzzard in the grill of her Jaguar the morning after she felt the bump.

RSPCA Inspector Claire Little responded to the scene and found the buzzard miraculously avoided severe injuries.

“I went along and was able to carefully remove the bird from the front grille of the car by removing some parts,” she said in an RSPCA news release. “I then checked her over and amazingly she didn’t seem injured — she just had a few ruffled feathers, but no cuts on her body.”

The buzzard was taken to a wildlife specialist, who reported the bird was able to fly later that day. The bird was returned to the wild on New Year’s Day.

“She was a little shocked at first, but wasn’t displaying any signs of injury,” Little said. “I think she just had some concussion, but she seemed to recover well. It was a great moment to watch her happily fly off as I released her.”